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Triune Restoration Ministries

Rebuilding Lives of Power & Purpose

Mountain Ridge

Our Mission

The Mission and Vision of Triune Restoration Ministries is to support and facilitate adult individuals and family units who encounter a life-changing experience or housing crisis. While providing a transitional living environment with spiritual and emotional support that promotes confidence and strength to start a new course in their life.


Our Vision

We are not a church, but we are a servant of the Church.

We are faith-driven, knowing that after we’ve done all we can to assist our clients, that Jesus will continue to work on behalf of all we assist and pray over.

We make every effort to follow the teachings of the Bible and believe that it says that we shouldn’t charge interest of the poor.

Participants of the Ministry donate toward their stay and services, based on an at-will basis, according to what their circumstance allows.

The Heart and Soul of Triune Restoration Ministries

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