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Your Journey to Peace, Power & Purpose Starts Here

Aligning Beliefs, Behaviors & Mindset Through Coaching, So You Can Have Confidence, Power & a Purposeful Course in Life

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The Heart and Soul of It All

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Wherever you are in life, no matter what type of transition or crossroads you are facing - Spiritual, Career, Connections, or Love - working with me you can become calmer and clearer about what your God-given callings are. 

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My Story,

Eight years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I needed to change the direction I was going in. I knew I needed to do something, but I was not usually someone to be BOLD, Stand Up or even Speak up when I want or need something. I wasn’t even sure of my Purpose for being on this earth. What did I have to offer the world, my community, or the people around me?

Fast forward 8 years, studying the mindset practices and skills through my Coaching Certifications and deepening my Spiritual practices has so enriched my life.  I have gained a new perspective on the actions of others and even more, a new understanding and Grace toward myself.  I am now Crystal Clear of my Calling in Life and Purpose for the rest of my days on earth.

It's my passion to help others embrace their truest self, eliminating the fear of stigma in one's life, and aligning the mind, body, and soul with transformative coaching. 

Ready to grow into your best self? Let's talk.

Transformation Starts Within

  • Are you or Someone close to you feeling a need to Shift Directions?

  • Do you Desire a more Powerful Presence and Confidence?

  • Are you seeking calm and Peacefulness?

  • Have you questioned Life’s Purpose and its Greater Source?

1:1 Independent

Work through your personal transformation journey with 1:1 sessions with Judy. Support comes in all shapes and sizes. Find out about working with Judy on a smaller scale with individual coaching sessions.

90-day Total Transformation Intensive

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This is a 12-week journey with weekly, just-for-you curated sessions. Uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from getting the desired results. Together, we'll get crystal clear on your goals with a step-by-step plan to create a Total Transformation in 90 days or less.

120-day Journey to Peace, Power & Purpose

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This is a special 16-week 3:1 Integrative Program withcustomized exercises and materials to support your growth. Together, we'll break through and release old imprinted beliefs or fears that may block progress - and adapt a personalized plan to achieve Peace, Power, & Purpose.

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Not sure where to begin?

Talk with Judy on a
Free Breakthrough Call

When we're in the midst of our own transitions and crossroads in life, we may not feel we know the right path. Judy will support you in a private, sacred space so you can be authentically you without judgement or expectations. 

What clients have to say about working with Judy

Judy is amazing. She listens to your every word. Prays with you and for you. She shares life experiences and gives very loving and caring advice. She is so friendly. Even if you are scared to death, she calms your fears. She is so genuine and compassionate. She makes you feel safe, to talk about anything. And she guides you with words and different exercises. Like breathing techniques. She lets you know you are never alone. She and God are always there to help guide you.

Discover Triune Restoration Ministries

Judy expanded her passion to help others with a new non-profit organization. The Mission and Vision of Triune Restoration Ministries is to support and facilitate adult individuals and family units who encounter a life-changing experience or housing crisis.

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Ready to take that leap of faith? Let's talk.

  • Are you or Someone close to you feeling a need to Shift Directions?

  • Do you Desire a more Powerful Presence and Confidence?

  • Are you seeking calm and Peacefulness?

  • Have you questioned Life’s Purpose and its Greater Source?

Coaching may be right for you. 

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