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Meet Your Coach and Guide,
Judy Schwingel

Resiliency, Fortitude, and a You Can't Keep me down attitude

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Get to Know Judy

Thing I've Learned

Through the direct benefits of Transformation Coaching, I am now much calmer and clear about what my God-given Gifts and calling are. Being called through FAITH to begin a Ministry and become a Health & Life Coach has helped me to understand myself, my beliefs, and to make personal changes that last so I can better serve others for the Purpose I am intended.


Now my past Wounds no longer burden me, they help me CHANGE LIVES, through my coaching.


In April 2021, I began training for Health and Life Coaching and I completed my Mastery Transformational Coaching Certification in August of 2022. 


Working with women of faith who are in a stage of transformation or crossroads in life. 

Speaking and Trainings

  • Guided in-person training to groups of 200-250 of NYS Corrections cadets.

  • Briefed and gave presentations to Congressmen, Senators, and Assemblymen; including at the unveiling of a 7 million dollar Nursing home project.

  • Gave multiple Television and Newspaper interviews for various VA healthcare programs.

  • Led Learning Circles for a 3-Day Immersion Program

Who I Help

I help the person experiencing a life, environmental, occupational, or personal shift, transition, or crossroads that they are paralyzed or struggling with how to or what to do about it.

How I Do It

​How I do this is by helping clients connect with their Spiritual core; discover and release false and limiting beliefs that have kept them stuck; through transformational work, they open their minds and Spirit-Heart to their true Purpose.

What's in It for You

A Coach/Partner who creates a safe sacred space for you to share and be seen, I see you as 100% capable of succeeding in your goals, and holds you accountable to yourself, and the commitments you make.

What clients have to say about working with Judy

Thank you Judy for such a wonderful session! Wow, you really made me have some insights and it just felt so peaceful.

My Prayer for each person I serve in life is to Empower them beyond their crossroads and transitions by lighting a Spiritual Fire in them so that they know they have the POWER to DREAM BIG and reach for anything they Believe they can Achieve.

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