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How Connecting our Practices & Purpose, are Bound Together


I believe that most people in times of crisis, accept the existence of, and seek favor of “something beyond themselves”, a higher power. Some form of life outside of them that has the power to intervene or save them from their circumstances. This is the Spiritual Nature of humans and the stirring of the Holy Divine Spirit within and its powers.

Our innate embodiment of the Holy Spirit within us is something every person is gifted with, even before birth, It doesn't matter what the person’s religious affiliation or beliefs are, the Holy Spirit is present within each of us.

It is the Holy Spirit that drives and draws us to our Purpose; and all believers at their moment of Salvation in Christ, are endowed with gifts of Spiritual traits, desires, and powers.

These gifts and powers lay dormant within people who do not know God’s works or the promise of Jesus Christ.

The Differences

In contrast, I feel there is a clear difference between the Divine Holy Spirit’s presence and power versus the experience and perception of a Global Spirituality.

I find Global Spirituality to be a sense that a person can find Spirituality in things, tokens, and creations such as Nature, or Meditation to elevate Self over God as the Master of one’s own destiny. This belief in spirituality evolves as the individual strives for higher levels of enlightenment, for their own desires. They are the Devine Woman or Man who drives all actions and outcomes. These forms of Spirituality apart from a religious belief ascribe to more experiential sacred elements. Such as the supernatural, personal growth, or experiences with one’s own “inner dimension.”

If so, then to find Purpose, are the powers of the Divine Woman or Man limited to their mortal being and imagination, or the random nature of the events that unfold around them?

As a Christian believer, with God as the creator, “he is in nature” because he essentially is nature. Through creation, God breathed life into man. As a result, the minerals and chemicals that flow through our bodies are the “dust of the earth”, that God introduced as he brought us into existence. God knew us and set our life's purpose before we were made in the womb.

Being In the Spirit

Requires one to be born again in faith, and have the life in the Holy Spirit. So being Spiritual in Christian life means, to live according to the urgings and influence of the Holy Spirit's guidance. This is demonstrated by a desire to make amends and changes in our thoughts and way of living.

As one works toward a more Christ-like life and grows in one’s Spiritual maturity by acting in an upright and God-loving way. The believer is endowed with their ed for us. For many,s this is living a life as Christ exampled and taught in his gospels of the Bible.

As one works toward a more Christ-like life and grows in one’s Spiritual maturity by acting in an upright and God-loving way. The believer is endowed with their Gifts of the Spirit and strives to reach the full power of the Holy Spirit within them.

Purpose and Practice are bound together by the presence of the Holy Spirit

Some practices that increase Spiritual Maturity are; to obey God’s Commandments and Laws, and Pray daily in Devotional time and throughout the day as circumstances challenge us, make us fearful, or we have any faltering of faith.

Honoring the Sabbath and communing with fellow believers in worship. The community of believers during worship is more powerful than each of its individuals.

For the body does not function apart from itself.

These practices allow us to grow in faith, belief, and make us more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence, and increase our ability to use this power within us.

The Holy Spirit and One’s Purpose

When as believers we mature and are given “our” unique Gifts of the Spirit, they will align exactly with our life situation, the functions we will have, and our ultimate Godly Purpose. (1 Cor. 10:31) All Christians are intended to spread God’s Word and the message of Christ through their gifts and life experiences. The Gifts are given to the individual to benefit all people.

Gifts are the tools God gives us to best serve, minister to, and elevate the Body of the Church. Some may seem more prominent than others, but all are for God's Purpose, service, and Glory. They magnify, draw, and clarify our life’s purpose.

All Christians are called to a Ministry, which is determined by their given gifts, experiences, challenges, and opportunities (Eph. 3:7)

The Holy Spirit stirs within us desires, dreams, and visions that pull us toward our life’s purpose. It may not be until we look back on our life experiences, choices, and desires that we see the clear Purpose that they had in bringing us to the intentional life’s mission God has.

How I Help Connect Your Purpose and Practice

Through Faith-based Transformational Coaching I…

  • Help Women find a Spiritual Connection they lack in life

  • Facilitate where past experiences have blocked Spiritual Beliefs and practices

  • Co-develop the best Actions for the Individual to Connect with their Faith.

  • Introduce Prayer, and Peacefulness Practices into Daily Life

  • Use Experiential Prayer and Wound work techniques to help release the pain and false-beliefs

  • Guide Individuals to identifying their Purpose-driven Life’s Path by using their own Spiritual Power.

What I want You to know is….

I offer a judgment-free, sacred space of support to help you, in whatever situation, crisis of faith you have, or connection you desire.

You are Exactly Where and Who You are intended to be,

and You are Wonderfully and Beautifully made for the Purpose and Life God created.

Let’s Discuss Connecting your Spiritual Gifts and Practices with Your Purpose.

Go to this Link on my Website and Book a FREE Call.

****WHEN YOU BOOK - Get my Downloadable, List of the Holy Spirit Gifts

Additional Reading

If you want to learn more about Your Spiritual Gifts. I have a couple of resources for you.

Christian A. Schwarz The 3 Colors of Ministry, A Trinitarian Approach to Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts.

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