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Thankful for Scars - Their Purpose Informs Ours

Did you ever wonder what your life is all about?

How have you made it through some of the challenges that have come your way?

And made it out the other side of them?

I was staring in the mirror the other day, looking at these new scars on my face from recent skin cancer surgery. It has been an adjustment to see myself in the mirror with visible marks that will remind me every day of this time. As I was looking at the scars, I was thinking about a Christian band called I Am They, they have a song called SCARS. In the song, they talk about being thankful for our scars, and how our scars bring us closer to God, through our trials, we are reminded of Jesus' sacrifice for us. So our scars bring us to the person, the place, the promise, and the purpose for which we're made.

I have had trials in my life, many of them. From early childhood illness with epilepsy, learning disabilities, and social and educational cognitive biases that I was not capable or worthy of the effort to invest in. I experienced, personal sexual trauma, shame and alienation due to obesity and bullying as a child, depression, suicidal moments, and extreme anxiety attacks. Then later had a life-altering family trauma where I nearly lost my daughter and grandson to a car crash.

Through all of these challenges, the one constant stronghold in my life was my faith in Christ and his presence in all situations, who I felt by my side in my darkest hours. He stood with me to raise me up when I fell, to forgive me when I lost hope, to give me strength when I felt beaten. He was my ever-present hope, love, and comfort.

So today, I realize I need to be thankful for these scars all of them. Thankful to Him.

Thank you Jesus for your Scars, because without yours. I wouldn't be able to have my scars, my physical, emotional and internal scars; and be Blameless and Shameless about them.

So that I can now Stand Victorious over the battles that I won and overcame, and in the healing that has taken place.

This moment in front of the mirror was revealing to me and I needed to share this because I believe we relish, sit, and ponder too long on our scars, as I have. I am working past that. Working past not only the physical scars but the internal scars that have plagued me for a long time, most of my life.

I'm feeling so much happier and freer now.

I’m releasing the pain of the scars one-by-one like shackles, 1-by-1-by-1 coming off.

My Prayer for you is to do the same with your scars.

If you are struggling to do this, I invite you to have a conversation with a Mental Health specialist if these scars are fresh trauma and something you have never worked through before.

If this is something you have been working on for a while and would like to discuss further with me.

Reach out for a FREE 1-hour Breakthrough Call.

So we can BREAKTHROUGH your Area of pain.

I pray this submission was a blessing to your heart.

I wish you all the best and God’s Love.

Be Well and Be Blessed.


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